About Us

Hey y'all! We strive to make every moment with your beloved dog extraordinary, recognizing that dogs are an integral part of the family. Our mission is to provide contemporary and top-notch pet products that combine style and safety, ensuring your pup looks fabulous while being well-cared for.

  • Quality

    We meticulously select premium materials to ensure that dog parents can always trust the safety and comfort of their beloved pups, eliminating any worries.

  • Love

    Each of our products is a heartfelt expression of our deep love and unwavering passion for our furry friends.

  • Curation

    We are dedicated to selecting and curating the contents of each box, ensuring that every item is purposeful, enjoyable, and beneficial for the recipient's furry companion

Two Girls, One Big Dream.

PawsiePal is the brand of two amazing young ladies. Rikki and Charlie. We love our fur babies! We are committed to providing a thoughtful and personalized experience for both the pets and fur parents.

Stay tuned as we are barking up new theme boxes, fun toys and accessories for furry friends!